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This is Not a Pyramid Scheme - 3 days

Head from Cairo to Alexandria and check out the museum, hang at El Alamein or the Quaitbey Fortress, explore the bazaar on Nokrashi Street, drink...

Countries visited: Egypt

Berber Shop Quartet - 4 days

When you've had enough of the hustle and bustle of in-your-face Marrakech, head for the coast, to chilled-out Essaouira. You do the math: small town +...

Countries visited: Morocco

Moai & Mystery - 4 days

Spend four days exploring the mysterious stone sculptures that populate this remote volcanic outpost. Hang out in Hanga Roa, see the moai of Ahu Tautira,...

Countries visited: Chile

Lake it or Leave it - 2 days

Incan mythology states that Lake Titicaca is the site where civilisation began. And apparently, this is where the first Inca king, Manco Copac, was born of...

Countries visited: Peru

Spice is Nice - 5 days

Zanzibar’s an intoxicating mish-mash of cultures, cuisines, histories and sceneries. Hit the Forodhani Night Market for nibbles, get a dose of Stone...

Countries visited: Tanzania

Anchors Away - 4 days


Brush up on your sailing terms for this one:

  • - Emergency Flares - old pair of trousers to wear if you fall overboard
Countries visited: Thailand

Sail of the Century - 4 days


Four days sailing is better than three days sailing. And sailing in Thailand is better than sailing in somewhere that isn’t Thailand....

Countries visited: Thailand