Travel Tours & Trips by Activity Wildlife

Delta & Victoria - 10 days

Whatever time you get in, we guarantee Jo’burg will be there to meet you at the airport. Botswana’s Khama Rhino Santuary specialises in rhinos,...

Countries visited: Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe

Galapagos on the Cheap - 9 days

As the basis of Darwin’s theory of evolution, the Galapagos has a bit of a reputation. And boy does it live up to it. Y’know, if you’re...

Countries visited: Ecuador, Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

Quito My Heart - 9 days

A lil’ loop in a lil’ land. Start off with a dawdle around Quito, then zip out to the jungle for some Amazon action. Get your adrenaline kicks...

Countries visited: Ecuador