Travel Tours & Trips by Activity Wildlife

Ecuador Highlights - 8 days

A lil’ loop in a lil’ land. Start off with a dawdle around Quito, then zip out to the jungle for some Amazon action. Get your adrenaline kicks...

Countries visited: Ecuador

Galapagos Evolution - 9 days

As the basis of Darwin’s theory of evolution, the Galapagos has a bit of a reputation. And boy does it live up to it. Y’know, if you’re...

Countries visited: Ecuador, Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

Epic Nepal to India - 21 days

Raft the Trisuli River

4 day Trek (approx 5 hours per day) to explore the beautiful Annapurna Range

Chitwan Jeep safari to spot Rhino's....

Countries visited: Nepal, India

A Taste of Galapagos - 7 days

Giant tortoises, pointy-nosed sea lions, flightless cormorants and swimming iguanas. Seems like animal-life in the Galapagos couldn’t get much more...

Countries visited: Ecuador, Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

Nepal at a Glance - 8 days

Kick off your trip in Kathmandu, go rafting and hang in Pokhara. Head off on your trekking adventure in Annapurna, stay in rad lodges, take a...

Countries visited: Nepal

Jungle Fever - Extension - 4 days

The Amazon is the biggest, baddest jungle there is. Fo’ real. We make its acquaintance in Puerto Maldonado, head up Tambopata River by boat, stalk...

Countries visited: Peru

This Trip is In-Tents - 4 days

Jo’burg to Kruger National Park and back – game viewing and bird spotting to the max. Lions, elephants, leopards, crocs, cheetahs, hyenas,...

Countries visited: South Africa

Cape Expectations - 21 days

Glorious coastlines, mystical mountain kingdoms and all manner of wild beasts – this little ditty has it all. Cruise through Kruger, swing through...

Countries visited: Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland

The Grape Escape - 13 days

Discover Durban’s urban scene then make for the Drakensberg mountain range. Lord it up in the Kingdom of Lesotho’s stately highlands. Spot...

Countries visited: Lesotho, South Africa

Parks & Recreation - 9 days

Head from Jo’burg’s urban jungle to Kruger’s rural plains – anything that’s bitey hangs here. Things that are horny (rhinos)...

Countries visited: Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland