Wheel of Wherever

Wheel of Wherever

What you usually do at 4pm Wednesday: 

  • - Start planning Friday night drinks
  • - Think about doing things you’ve been thinking about doing since last Wednesday
  • - Make a lame joke about hump day

What you’ll do at 4pm Wednesday from now on:

  • - Watch us spin the Wheel of Wherever to see if you’ve won a Geckos trip.
  • Yep, that’s right. At 4pm (AEST) every Wednesday we’ll spin the Wheel of Wherever live on Facebook*. Whatever trip it lands on is up for grabs. Then, we'll draw someone's name and they'll win that trip. Easy. 
  • Each week there will be new Geckos faces, new trips and new jokes (ok, so they might be recycled but we're kinda busy at the moment) to keep you entertained. Jump on Facebook and watch us spin the wheel. And going live means there's the possibility of bloopers. Everyone loves bloopers.
  • Enter here to go in the draw. Or you can not enter the draw and just tune in and watch us because we're awesome. But that would be creepy and weird. 

*Due to super special digital reasons, you can only enter through a computer (desktop or laptop). No mobiles or tablets. 


  • Wheel of Wherever - FINAL

  • Here's what happened in week six:

  • Relive the magic from week five:

  • Watch back in week four:

  • See what happened in week two:

  • Here's what went down on week one:

See this week's trips

If you entered the draw, these are the trips you could've won: