Give me an N, give me an A, give me an M, I, B – baby, I and an A. Wooo, Namibia!

Ground Control to Major Tom, we’re reporting massive amounts of friendly hospitality and ruggedly beautiful landscapes.

Relax; you haven’t suddenly woken up on the surface of the moon. You’re in Namibia – tracking game across the Mahango Game Reserve, now you’re camping along the Cubango River, and exploring the villages of the Hambukushu and Xwe Bushmen tribes.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve landed on another planet, but the truth is that Namibia’s natural beauty is just that breathtakingly diverse, so instantly memorable that you’ll feel worlds away from home.

Let us show you the highlights on one of our Namibian journeys and we’ll send you home with so many panoramas you won’t have enough room on your wall to put them.


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17 Days From €2,195

Four countries, eight national parks, 17 days, hundreds of animals, thousands of birds,...

9 Days From €1,205

Four countries, at least five national parks, nine days, hundreds of animals, thousands...

27 Days From €4,140

Get your hands on the ultimate African adventure with this journey through Kenya,...

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