Love working out? Good news. Travel and exercise have finally joined forces – no more searching for gyms or feeling like you might have to ditch your workouts during your trip. Geckos Adventures wants to help you keep up your exercise routine wherever you’re adventuring with us (y’know, if you’re into fitness stuff).

Introducing the Geckos Adventures Fitness Consultant. This free service provides personalized workout recommendations on our range of adventures for travelers of all levels and physiques – from stair climbing up temple steps to biking to the beach for a swim. Whether you’re into working out or not, our Fitness Consultant is here to help if you'd like it!


Meet Geckos Adventures' Fitness Consultant Brent Price

Travel agent by day, fitness trainer by night. If there's one thing Brent loves more than exploring the world, it’s helping people crush their fitness goals. In the evening you can find him rocking the podium at Spin Society and running Bootcamps at Vancouver based athletics apparel company RYU (Respect Your Universe). During the day you’ll catch him putting his travel agent training to work as a Learning and Development Specialist for a global travel company.

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How it works

Once you sign up for a Geckos Adventures trip, email our fitness consultant with your booking number and fitness goals, and you will receive a personalized workout plan tailored to your destination. Are you up for running the steps at the local temple? How about biking through a nearby village or weightlifting with water jugs? We might even be able to find a tire for you to flip!

Let’s say you’re booked on our Northern Thailand At a Glance trip. Here’s a sample fitness itinerary, you might receive:

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Sample Fitness Itinerary:

  • On Day 3, you can rent a bike in Chiang Mai for a light afternoon workout.

  • On Day 4, you have a free day in Chiang Mai; wake up early and head to the iconic steps at Doi Suthep Temple. It should only take a few circuits to get your heart rate pumpin'.

  • On Day 5, if your legs aren’t too sore, you can conquer all 719 steps while seeing the town’s Buddhist temple (twice if you’re feeling ambitious).


Ready to get moving? Email the Geckos Adventures Fitness Consultant now about your upcoming trip!

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