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If you thought the canal was cool, just wait til you see panama’s untouched rainforest, pristine beaches and funky historical heart.

Leave your misconceptions at the door and travel to Panama for laidback beach towns not yet overrun with crowds, forests that feature birdsong on a permanent loop, and mountain towns prepped for adventure.

Yes, you will find an almighty canal and no, you won’t find locals swanning around in Panama hats. On a Geckos tour of Panama you’ll get to watch massive cargo ships and cruise liners negotiate the Panama Canal, see colonial mansions meet postmodern skyscrapers in Panama City, fall under the spell of Bocas del Toro, sip superior-quality coffee in the highlands of Boquete, and catch some waves at the local surfing mecca, Santa Catalina.

Panama may be tiny and tucked all the way down the bottom of Central America, but it’s for this reason that travelling in Panama is such a good idea– you’ll be able to do your thing (whether that be surfing, lazing in a hammock, imitating a pirate or looking for sloths) without crowds of springbreakers.    


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