How to get the best airfare deal

Travel, most of the time, goes hand in hand with flying. The anticipation waiting to check-in, the rumble on the tarmac, the chicken or fish option – it’s all part of the adventure.

And because we’re a full-service travel agency, we can get you the bestest and cheapest airfares to match the best and most affordable trip of a lifetime.

The Deal

The price of our trips on our website don’t include flights, meaning you’re going to have to get yourself to the starting destination, whether that’s St Petersburg, Bangkok or Rio de Janeiro. Luckily, we’ve got some clever cats at Geckos HQ who know the ins-and-outs of the travel world and are always on hand to help you score the best flight deals. So forget worrying about flight plans and transit hours and late night stop-overs, and start perusing the in-flight movie catalogue. We’ll even throw in a complimentary bag of peanuts. Maybe.

So what are you waiting for? Contact a Geckos Flights Specialist below and save yourself some time and maybe even some serious cash.

Flight details
Your trip


We work with a range of great carriers to find you the best available fares – the ones to make your friends green with envy. These are called group wholesale fares. Though on these flights you travel as per your individual booking rather than as a group.

To get a group wholesale flight rate, we recommend booking 3 months in advance.

Yes, sometimes. But sometimes, the cheaper the ticket, the more restrictions are imposed. Also, we can’t accept liability for the loss of your regional or international ticket if you book these yourself.

The earlier the better. Especially if you want to travel over Easter, Christmas or summer holidays.

Yessireebob. Just let us know when you book and we’ll pass them on to the airline. Please note thought that requests are subject to confirmation from the airline.


All group wholesale flights are in economy class. But there are some negotiated upgrade fares available with a number of our airline partners. Just ask us.