There’s a big difference between exploring a place and exploiting it. That’s why Geckos travellers always tread lightly, no matter how wild, weird or wonderful the path.

We do this by employing local guides and staying in locally owned places, meaning the money we spend and skills we employ stay in the communities we visit. We also offset the main carbon emissions created by your trip by investing in carbon credits from environmental projects that have an added community benefit.

Basically, we see sustainable travel as traveling with a conscience. Or as someone really wise probably said: ‘he who runneth wild, acteth not like a jerk’. 

Blue mosque, Turkey


Orangutan, Borneo

Easy ways to travel responsibly

  • Eat local food and buy local goods – this is the one you wanted to hear right? Who wouldn't want to sample the local delicacies and eating locally produced food and goods also has the bonus of reducing the environmental footprint consumed through production and transport
  • Say no to plastic – when exploring those local markets take your own bag and say no thanks to plastic. 
  • Water bottles – Bring your own bottle and refill where possible. For every 1 litre of water sold, 3 litres of water is used. By not having to purchase water 5 times a day, you can spend the money on more important things too (like fried silk worms). 
  • Recycling – Ol' faithful. Use any recycling facilities available!

5 super-simple tips to help you be a responsible traveller:

  1. Learn a few words before you go – it’s a great icebreaker when someone says hello to you in Vietnamese and you mistakenly reply with ‘Porridge’.
  2. A great phrase to learn first? ‘Can I take your photo’ – it’s always good to be polite and ask before you snap.
  3. Avoid giving gifts or money to beggars, children or people you’ve just met. There’s plenty of great ways to show support and it’s important to know where your money is going.
  4. Say no to plastic bags and avoid buying bottles of water. Just bring a small canvas bag or backpack stocked with a reusable water bottle.
  5. Avoid anywhere using wild animals for entertainment (or selfies). If in doubt, ask your leader.
  6. Bonus tip: Smile! It makes everything better.