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Just face it – you love your gothic cathedrals, adore your tapas and worship the work of antoni gaudi… that, and you’re about to join us to Spain.

There’s a lot to love about a country that doesn’t really get going until after midday.

Breakfast is a slow affair, as is lunch, and siestas are taken very seriously. But there’s more to Spain than taking it easy. The Spanish culture is so thick it’s a stereotype. It’s in everything you see, touch, eat and do.

From Barcelona’s gothic architecture and modern arts scene, to the flamenco of Andalusia, tapas, the fiestas, and fiery personalities. The food and drink is so mouth-watering that you’ll have to roll yourself back on the plane.

Luckily, Spain’s nightlife is exciting enough that you’ll dance that extra love handle off before dawn. And then it’s time for siesta before you repeat it all over again.

Spain, you’re alright.   


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