Travel is all about getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things. But we are committed to keeping you safe while you get out there and Run Wild. So there are times when we might have to cancel trips or change itineraries to avoid those pesky problem areas (you know who you are).

Geckos makes these kinds of decisions based on info from the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) travel advisory. We also check with our local operators, who are on the ground and can give us up-to-the-minute info on the mood and feel within country. We also consider info from other foreign government websites including Britain, Canada, New Zealand, United States and World Health Organisation.

  • Geckos tours will not operate if the Australian Government travel advisory reaches the Level 4 "Do not travel".
  • Where possible and safe to do so, Geckos will change itineraries to avoid trouble areas (we'll let you know if there's additional costs)
  • Decisions to cancel or change itineraries are made on a rolling basis, because situations and DFAT advice can change at any time.  Where the advice is temporarily at ‘Do Not Travel’, we will review the status of our tours approximately 2 weeks before to departure.

Current updates

Unusually heavy monsoon rains continue across the state of Kerala causing flooding in most areas. Some of our groups currently in Kerala have experienced minor changes to their itineraries. Our ground team and local operators in India are closely monitoring the situation as the safety of our passengers, leaders, and operators is our top priority. Upcoming trips will continue to run, however impacts on these trips will be assessed on an ongoing basis as itineraries may need to be amended.

On the evening of the 5th of August a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck on the island of Lombok, Indonesia. This was a week after Lombok was recovering from an earlier earthquake that struck on the 29th of July measuring a magnitude of 6.4. We have been monitoring the impact from both of these earthquakes on Lombok and unfortunately we have made the decision to cancel all Lombok trips departing in September. This is due to extensive damage to the parts of Lombok that we visit and the ongoing aftershocks that Lombok is currently experiencing.

It is always a difficult decision to cancel a trip, but the safety of our passengers, leaders and operators is a major priority at Geckos.

All passengers are currently being contacted on the following departures,

Bali & Beyong 22nd of September 2018 (GTBL180922) - Cancelled



Over the last few months we have seen several protests broken out over social security reforms in Nicaragua. We have been monitoring this situation closely through our ground team and local operators. Unfortunately, there is still a considerable risk for protests and roadblocks to develop which could interrupt the running of our trips, or worse, jeopardize the safety of our travellers and that of our leaders. We have now determined that avoiding Nicaragua altogether for the remainder of 2018 and some weeks into 2019 is the best course of action.

Travellers on upcoming departures will be contacted individually with their options as soon as possible. The upcoming trips as below will continue to run, however with a modified route, including new destinations in El Salvador and Costa Rica in order to replace nights meant to be spent in Nicaragua. All trips have been updated on our website to reflect the new itinerary. Travellers will be offered the option to accept the new route, to cancel with a full refund, or to transfer to another itinerary. These options will be communicated clearly in a letter sent via your booking agent.

If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming trip please contact your booking agent for more information. We will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds.


‘Across Central America’ (GSRJ) – Modified route; Joining and ending cities are NOT affected (Antigua to San Jose).


Due to attacks in northern Rakhine State, and increased tensions in Rakhine State overall, many travel advisories warn against travel to this area specifically.

No Geckos tours visit or travel near Rakhine State. We continue to monitor the situation through official travel advisories and our local operations team. If there should be any changes to the situation you will be advised immediately.  We recommend that you check your Government's advice for their latest travel information.

There has been much media attention on the Korean peninsula following a series of North Korean missile tests in 2016 and 2017, including a recent nuclear test on 3rd September 2017. We are working closely with local embassies and government authorities, including Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) to monitor and react to any changes in their current travel advice for this region. All Geckos trips in north east Asia, including Japan and China are currently continuing to operate as normal and in accordance with our usual safety and risk procedures.

From October 1st 2018, we'll be joining forces with our sister company, Intrepid Travel. Please visit the Intrepid Travel Alerts page for further updates.