Make your epic trip even better with a local detour!

Our range of Urban Adventures take travellers off the tourist trail in search of local life, so you get to really see what makes a place tick. The experience can be as short as a couple of hours, or as long as a whole day, but in every case, we kick it local — think dive bars, funky neighbourhoods, quirky markets, indie shops, and totally snackable street foods.

If you have a few extra days before or after your Geckos experience, or some free time while you’re stopped in a city, an Urban Adventure can be easily added to your itinerary. Ask about Urban Adventures options when you book your tour, or browse through our full list of tours and book straight away.

Day tours in Asia

Cambodia tour

Cambodian Cook-out

Take a trip into the Cambodian countryside and show off your cooking skills with this hands-on culinary adventure. You’ll whip up a 3-course gourmet meal and experience local village life.

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Tokyo After 5

Forget any awkward 'Lost In Translation' moments. Join a local guide on this Tokyo tour to experience the capital's busy, but oh so friendly and compact charms by night.

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Mekong Discovery

Journey to the Mekong Delta area to see the agricultural heartland of Vietnam on this tour. Boat down the Mekong and see how the people live outside of Ho Chi Minh City.

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Day tours in Europe

Beer and tapas tour

Cicchetti Tour of Venice

Wine + food + traghetti = Venice personified. Join this best selling Venice tour to dose yourself up on Venetian culture in the form of local food specialties and regional wines. It’s the Italian way!

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Istanbul Night Trail

The best way to see a city like a local? Eat and drink like a local! This culinary adventure takes you on foot to search out the hidden gems of Istanbul’s thriving street food scene.

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Prague Beer Tour

It doesn't matter which language you say it in, beer could just be the official drink of choice for travellers. Learn why Prague is arguably the best city in the world for drinking beer.

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Day tours in Central & South America

Cooking tour in Lima

Favela Tour Experience

The favelas of Rio are well known for all the wrong reasons. Join this Rio de Janeiro tour to see this area which never makes it into the tourist brochures but is full of life and diversity.

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Havana Car Tour

Some of the most iconic things in Havana are the classic cars. Here’s your chance to experience it and see Havana in style. On this classic car tour you’ll ride in a classic 50s American convertible.

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Mexican Night Out

Get amongst Mexico City's Holy Trinity of entertainment: Cantinas, Mariachi and Lucha Libre wrestling. Sip some tequila at a cantina and shuffle and sway to Mariachi music.

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Day tours in North America

New York day tour

Beyond Broadway

Midtown can be madness! Most New Yorkers won't go anywhere near it, avoiding the crowds, the high prices, the chain fast food — everything that's not authentically NYC. But believe it or not, hidden amongst the tourists, Starbucks, and costumed characters, there is an authentic NYC neighborhood to discover.  

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North Beach Pub Walking Tour

From Beatniks to Blues masters, drunken sailors, hardened fishermen, and karaoke kings, North Beach in San Francisco is full of colourful, local identities and fanciful folk heroes. Find out about them over an Anchor Steam ale on this San Francisco tour that will get you talking.  

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Ethnic Neighborhoods Food & Culture

Uncover the astounding mix of nationalities that make up the City of Angels on this Los Angeles food tour that reveals hole-in-the-wall eateries, markets, snack shops, and the fine art of riding the metro. Who said you need a car in LA? 

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