Are you someone who likes to travel?
Are you someone who likes your friends?
Are you someone who just shouted 'Yes!!!' at your screen twice?
Then read on my dear, read on…

As much as making new travel acquaintances can be great, we understand that sometimes one just wants to holiday with one’s homies. Or Hockey team. Or fellow Poncho Appreciation Club members. Or whatever. That's why we created our private group trips. Make any Geckos departure a private group, or even tailor an itinerary to your interests. 

Here’s how it works.


  • Think about the trip you wanna do (It can be an itinerary that we already run, some mutant of it, or a beast entirely of your own making)
  • Assemble your travel buddies 
  • Pick your dates
  • Get in touch with us to chat it through

We will:

  • Give advice on your chosen destination (best time to visit, cultural expectations, accommodation)
  • Craft your chosen itinerary into one seamless, smooth running ground operation

You'll get:

  • The best trip ever, as designed by you
  • A friendly and enthusiastic local English speaking guide
  • Good times abundant

Speak to our private groups team

If you're in Australia, phone: 1300 791 478

UK: 0203 308 9763

US or Canada: +1 855-394-3021

Or fill out our easy enquiry form.

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