A chorus of River Deep Mountain High no longer has to remain in the confides of your awesome mind. Balanced breaths, Mount Everest, sweet food, amazing people and unequivocal peace all reside in the Himalayas.   

If Tenzing Norgay is your big-time idol and you’ve got an inherent passion for prayer flags, then pack your hiking boots because Nepal is awaitin’. Whether you wanna trek to Everest Base Camp, explore Buddhist Tibet or chill out by Pokhara’s serene lake, the Himalayas are a pocket of patchouli just waiting to be explored. So jump on a Geckos Himalaya trip and hit the Annapurna trails, drink chai in Kathmandu, hang out in Lhasa, go whitewater rafting in Chitwan and let the mountains do all the talking. Breathe deep, friends.

Why we love THE HimalayaS

  • Looking for spiritual enlightenment? Peace of cake. Tibetan Buddhism calmly sits at the foot of that big old rock we call Mount Everest
  • Wipe the daal from your sleeves and the dhansak from your brow, as you get elbows deep in authentic Indian cuisine.
  • Those pearls of water running down your face are called tears my friend. A sunrise boat cruise down the Ganges River in Varanasi will melt the coldest of hearts.
  • Nepal's Chitwan National Park is home to leopards, Bengal tigers and rhinos. Oh my! That didn't work did it? Now where did we put those lions and bears...
  • The only thing better than taking a guided tour around the Himalaya region is doing it with your favourite sandwich (sandwich not guaranteed).
  • Agra-cadabra! Do you believe in magic? Let us spell it out for you. T-a-j M-a-h-a-l. India just keeps pulling punny rabbits out of the hat.

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TOURS in THE HimalayaS

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