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11 Days From $930

Get with Geckos to head from old-world Hanoi to ancient Hue and on to pretty Hoi An,...

15 Days From $935

From hectic Ho Chi Minh City to historic Hanoi, with Nha Trang, Hoi An, Hue and Halong...

26 Days From $2,160

Take a trip with the lot – Angkor Wat, Sihanoukville beaches, Phnom Penh history, pho...

Our top 10 Trips

Geckos tour - Vietnam Highlights

Vietnam Highlights

Bikes, banh mi’s and balmy nights – just a few of the reasons we heart Vietnam. This all-time crowd fave will have you pedaling around Hoi An, cruising down the Mekong, bargaining at Hue’s Dong Ba market and sinking your pearly whites into the best cuisine in the world (come on, you can’t argue with us on that one). Good morning, good afternoon and good evening Vietnam!

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Geckos Tour - Peru Highlights

Peru Highlights

Just a warning: visit the Land of the Incas and you may be compelled to shout ‘Viva Peru!’ from a mountain like a South American Julie Andrews. With big-name stars like Lake Titicaca (floating islands!), the Amazon (caimans!) and Machu Picchu (no words needed!) on the line-up, it’s no surprise Peru is blockbuster hit. It’s equal parts scenery, history, culture and Pisco Sours.

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Geckos Tour - The Road to Delhi

The Road to Delhi

Indiaahh. It’s nothing you expect and more. We run a bunch of trips to Ghandi’s homeland, but this one takes the gulab jamun for most beloved. Why? Because it goes through some of India’s most awesome cities – Varanasi, Delhi and Jaipur – and makes a stop, of course, at the mind-bending Taj Mahal. Oh, did we mention that Nepal makes an appearance too, in the form of tiger-spotting in Chitwan National Park? Bet you’re feeling the wanderlust now.

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Geckos Adventures - USA Road Trip

USA Cross-Country Road Trip

From the Baywatch beaches of LA County to Woody Allen’s New York and the ultimate in disaster movie fodder, Washington DC, there’s so much to see in the US of A. Jump on board the ultimate action/romance/comedic adventure with Geckos (minus the city-destroying tornados and aliens). *Crowd goes wild

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Geckos Tour - Essential Cambodia

Essential Cambodia

Tuk tuk. Who’s there? Cambodia! Okay, Cambodia’s no houseguest, but if she were she’d be welcomed through our door anytime. This Southeast Asian hotspot is packed with temples, beaches and some of the warmest locals around. Want to share a meal with a Khmer family in Chambok, island-hop in Sihanoukville, and (respectfully) run amok at Angkor Wat? Yeah you do.

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Geckos Tour - Vintage Cuba

Vintage Cuba

If there’s ever been a time to visit Cuba, it’s now. This enigmatic island is finally opening its doors to US trade, and things are changing, like, really fast. Maybe that’s a good thing, but if you wanna see the Cuba of vintage posters – old-worldy cars, horse-drawn carts, smoky rum haunts – or you actually like the thought of having no interwebz for a week, go. Go now, muchacho.

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Geckos Tour - Essential Morocco

Essential Morocco

Take a tagine, stir in some sweet mountain vistas, chuck in a Sahara sunset and voila! That’s Morocco. If you’re the type of traveller who likes to experience a really different way of life, Morocco has your name on it. While Marrakech and Tangier are modernising fast, just an hour out of town you’ll meet Berber nomads herding sheep along ancient trails. Plus, the best orange juice in the world? It’s found right here, ladies and gentlemens.

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Geckos Tour - Super South Thailand

Super South Thailand

Okay, so this one’s been a regular on (cocktail) bucket lists for a while. But there’s a lot more to Thailand – gasp! – than Bangkok bars and full moon debauchery. Waterfalls, jungles, lagoons... South Thailand is the stuff of tropical dreams (and you should never deny yourself your tropical dreams). And what better way to explore this beautiful part of the world than by snorkeling, sunbaking, kayaking and hiking all over it?

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Geckos Tour - Discover Japan

Discover Japan

Something’s happening, guys. Nobody will shut up about Japan. Whether they’re fan-girling over a cutting-edge art exhibit in Kyoto or drooling over the thought of non-stop ramen, people are going nuts for the land of robot cafes and Hello Kitty. And our Discover Japan trip is right up there at the top of the J-Pops. Prepare yourself for an onsen-soaking, sake-sipping, karaoke-belting adventure.

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Geckos Tour - Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp

Jaunty snow hat, scarf of prayer flags, temples for buttons…if winter is coming, the Himalayas are well prepared. But seriously, there’s nothing cute about Mt Everest. Nepal is where Mother Nature pulls out ALL the stops, and a trek to Base Camp is where you’ll make your most epic memories (and pics). Plus, by visiting Nepal, you’re sinking money into an economy that badly needs it. Win-win.

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