When you guys talk, we listen. And in keeping with your feedback, we’ve decided to take the leap and make Geckos exclusively for people aged 18-29. 

Our adventures are for travellers who like to have a good time with people their own age, but don’t want to spend their whole trip crammed into a bus with 40 hungover backpackers. Just because you’re young, doesn’t mean you want to churn through 30 countries in 10 days. You want to meet locals, embrace new cultures and actually learn stuff (who were the Aztecs? Why is that baboon looking at me funny?), while also making friends and hitting up backstreet bars, tasty street stalls and cool secret spots along the way.

Ready to run wild? 



In response to our traveller feedback, we’ve reduced the age limit on our trips from 39 to 29. As the majority of our travellers are aged in their 20s, it means people on Geckos trips can explore with like-minded folk their own age. It also helps us to design our trips to cater more to things people in their 20s who are more new to travel are into, that the 30+ crowd may not be as interested in.

Nothing personal against the over 30s (we still love you all) – we just realised that there wasn’t a product that catered 100% for the youth market: something that offered both fun and cultural experiences, going beyond pub crawls and booze cruises (we’re not into that).  Our sister brand Intrepid Travel has been creating awesome trips in the open-aged space for over 25 years, so we’re pretty good at what we do.

If you’re over 29, don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Intrepid offer over 250 affordable adventures that are run in the same off-the-beaten-track, grassroots-style as Geckos. Find out more

First, thanks for your loyalty. We’re definitely feeling the love and send it right back at ya. It was a tough decision reducing the age limit, but, in keeping with our traveller feedback, the majority of our Geckos passengers put their hands up for an exclusive age limit. You can still travel in the same awesome grassroots Geckos style with our sister company Intrepid, who offer more itineraries, destinations and styles, and they’re completely open aged. Check ‘em out here

Unfortunately no. But our sister company Intrepid Travel offers over 250 affordable adventures that are run in the same awesome grassroots style as Geckos. Find out more

Yeah you can – talk about a great way to spend your birthday! To book with Geckos, you just need to be between 18 and 29 years of age on the first day of your trip with us. But if you’re worried about being the oldest person in your group, you can check out our sister company Intrepid Travel. They offer over 250 affordable adventures that are run in the same awesome grassroots-style as Geckos. Find out more

It’s all good – your past travel with Geckos will still count towards your loyalty reward. In fact, travelling with any of the Intrepid Group brands will bring you one step closer to getting a legends reward for tenth trip! Find out more

The Galapagos has some pretty strict guidelines around how many boats can enter the National Park; after all, it’s one of the most amazing – and fragile – ecosystems on earth. It’s important that they limit the amount of boat traffic into the area, and we support whatever they need to do in order to preserve this incredible part of the world. Our Galapagos small group tours are shared with our sister brand Intrepid Travel – we have always worked together on the same boat, in order to reduce any disruption to the region. If you’re heading to the Galapagos with us, you’ll probably be joined by some Intrepid travellers aged over 29.

Yes, you can still travel but as the average age on the trip will be much lower, we’d highly recommend you swap onto an Intrepid trip which are all open aged.  Our sales team will be in touch with you or your travel agent to facilitate the change or discuss options. We appreciate this may have thrown a spanner into your travel plans but please rest assured, we’ll do everything to make you booking experience as stress-free as possible. In the meantime, if you have any concerns, get in touch.

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