Looking for the Attenborough experience? This. Is. It.

In Africa, driving overland means going totally wild. After all, on the dusty road there’s nothing but you, your camera and the great big savanna waiting to be explored. You’ll have giraffe crossings instead of traffic lights, roaring lions replacing car horns and pit stops at local villages rather than gas stations. It’s every wildlife lover’s dream come true in one shiny, four-wheeled package. What you waiting for? Grab your bags and join in the best road trip of your life.

Our Africa Overland tours

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How Geckos do OVERLAND

When you’re heading off on an African safari, you’ll probably wanna know how it all works. How do you get around to see all the amazing animals? Where can you charge your camera in the Serengeti? Who on earth is taking you galivanting across the African plains? That’s why we’ve put together some of the key info about how we do Africa.

Get around in Geckos' purpose-built vehicles.

Gettin’ around

While the wildebeest have sturdy hooves to get around on, we humans prefer to use safari-trucks. The trucks we travel in are purpose-built, self-contained vehicles, with open windows so you can get the best snaps of the scenery and wildlife we spot. Even though our trucks are awesome, the terrain is pretty tough, so be prepared for some bumps and the occasional pit-stop to do a quick oil change.

Stay in a mix of hotels and campsites.

Where we stay

On our Africa trips, you’ll stay in a mixture of hotels and campsites. Our campsites may not be the fanciest, but you’ll always have memorable stories to tell when you get home. Most campsites have facilities, but they’re not usually the same as what you’ll get in western countries. The bathroom set-up can be very basic (most campsites have western-style toilets, but be prepared for a few squat-style holes-in-the-ground) and a shower can be as simple as a hose pipe spurting out cold water. Wild camps have no facilities at all, so be prepared to embrace the simple life!

Travel with real locals from the area you're visiting.

Our experts

We wanna make sure you have an awesome trip, so we have two people in charge of making sure that happens. You’ll have a local leader – an expert in the destination, who’ll work their magic to give you an authentic experience, and a driver – who’ll manoeuvre that truck like nobody’s business to keep you safe and sound. Between them, they’ll take care of the cooking – to keep your bellies full and happy while you’re running wild.

From breakfast to dinner, we've got you covered.

Feeding time

There’s often the chance to try some African food… but a typical camp breakfast might be toast and cereal, with the occasional hot breakfast (like eggs or pancakes). You’ll get to start every day with a hot cup of something caffeine-ey. Lunch is almost always a sandwich, but there’ll be days when you can buy whatever takes your fancy. Dinner could be anything from a BBQ to a rice or pasta dish. When you aren't camping, it’s totally your call what you eat. If you have dietary requirements – don’t stress – just let us know when you book and we’ll take care of it.

Camping out on the savanna is one of the most memorable things you'll do.

Be part of a team

On our Geckos Africa trips, we all love to pitch in and help where we can. This style of travel is often referred to as participation camping. While your leader and driver will call the shots and make all the big decisions, you’ll be required to pitch in with cooking and campsite set up. Often the jobs will be rostered in smaller groups, so you’ll get to take turns doing different things.

Get up close to nature on included game drives.

Heaps of activities and inclusions

Depending on the trip you pick, you’ll get a range of included activities and amenities. These can include things like games drives to spot the Big 5, fees to enter national parks, orientation walks to get deeper into the heart of where you’re visiting and even sleeping mats, so you can get the Z’s you need to make the most of all that other fun stuff.

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