Laid back beaches or urban jungles? Colourful festivals or country escapes? If you know the general vibe of the holiday you’re looking for, but just don’t know where to start looking, then our trip styles are for you. Check it out.

Day of the Dead in Mexico.


Forget entry bracelets, bag checks and overpriced drinks – these festivals are the real deal. The kind of thunderous events that take over a whole city and turn neighbourhoods into wild street parties. Festivals where dressing up as a skeleton, tipping buckets of wine on your mates or even jumping into a salsa dance-off is all just part of the action.

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Wildebeest in Kenya's Masai Mara National Park.

Africa overland

Buckle up for an epic road trip across Eastern Africa’s jaw-dropping landscapes brimming with lions, zebras and more. Our purpose-built trucks are designed to take you to the edge of the savanna and back, with safaris through some of the continent’s best national parks. Get ready to discover a whole new meaning to ‘off the beaten track’.

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