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We’re going to the Mediterranean, no not Greece or Italy, silly, but southside down Tunisia way.

Some may say we have the Arab spring to thank for this all-new travel hotspot. Others may say that it was awesome all along. Whatever you believe, you better be doing it in Tunisia.

You see Tunisia is one of those countries that takes influence from three different continents – you’ve got the Roman ruins and the French colonial remains, you’ve got the African Saharan dunes and to top it all off you’ve got amazing Middle Eastern spices and opulent Arabic mosques.

So get your desert shawl on and come with Geckos to see the biggest Roman sites outside of Italy at Dougga and El Jem, the biggest medina in northern Africa, and Kirouan, the next best thing to visiting mecca.

Tunisia’s really one hell of a place. 


Jan 20, 2014

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