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10 doughnut creations that will blow your mind (from our staff)

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Naked doughnuts, ready to be topped | Photo courtesy of Doughboys Doughnuts

You’ve probably heard about our MAKE A DOUGHNUT, SEE THE WORLD competition. If not, all you’ve got to do is come up with an idea for a doughnut topping to be in with a chance of winning a Geckos trip of your choice. The winning doughnut will also be made (in real life) by our mates from Doughboys Doughnuts. It’s going to be (dough)nuts.

Anyway, in an attempt to give you guys some inspiration, we asked around the office for the best doughnut creations our staff could think of. Most people at Geckos HQ are well travelled, so they had no trouble coming up with some global glazed goodness.

1. Patrick O’Neill – Epically bearded design guy

Pat’s first suggestion was actually too gross to publish. But then he came up up with the goods.

Country: Brazil
Name: Caipirinha Doughnut
Ingredients: Lime custard icing with powered sugar on top

2. Marie Swanson – Human karaoke marketing machine

Marie had loads of country-specific ideas, which is just what we want. And she threw in a couple of savoury curveballs, which is always good.

Country: Mexico
Name: Juan is never enough
Ingredients: Jalapeno y queso

3. Leigh Barnes – Epically bearded marketing guy

Barnsely is not only a heavily bearded man and a digital marketing manager, but he is also a Lord of the Doughnuts. Rumour has it that he actually speaks doughnut – a language so rare, experts say it doesn’t actually exist.

Country: USA
Name: The Brookyln Heart Attack
Ingredients: Maple Syrup and chilli icing with fried chicken chunks and bacon bits

4. Paul O’Neill  – Lord of the Puns (and design)

Paul mastered the art of the dad joke before his child was even born – a gift from the gods, we think you’ll agree. Paul didn’t really follow the brief on this, but we’ll forgive him because he made us chuckle.

Country: Australia
Name: The Bargain Bin Special
Ingredients: Almost out of date Coles cinnamon donuts in the last five minutes of their sell by date bought five minutes before closing time

Note: “I once got six donuts for 30 cents.”

Explanation from Paul: “I may have misread the email, but I’m suggesting replacing the entire donut with the Coles ones. Its not a topping, it’s a replacement. It would save the Doughboys guys a job. They’d just have to drop into Coles.”

5. Ella Benjamin – Little Miss Marketer

Ella got very excited about her doughnut. Pretty sure she actually called her mum to tell her about it too. Bless.

Country: India
Name: Chai Wallah
Ingredients: Chai and cinnamon icing with and candied ginger on top

6. Gillian Monahan – Global PR manager, burrito junkie

When Gillian eats, she usually eats burritos. But when Gillian comes up with ideas, they’re usually for alcohol-drenched doughnut flavours. Weird.

Country:  Czech Republic
Name: The Green Fairy
Ingredients: Absinthe-flavoured icing

7. Eliza Gower – Epic copywriter and coordinator of lunches

The descriptions following Eliza’s doughnuts really show her flair for being politically incorrect.

Country: Thailand
Name: Thai Bride
Ingredients: Ginger, palm sugar, lime with coconut cream
Politically incorrect description: Exotic, sweet and soon-to-be rich

8. Julian McGrath – Chief executive of coffee (and campaigns)

Unfortunately, Julian’s rogue sense of humour meant that he was incapable of coming up with any ideas that were not completely inappropriate.

9. Fiona Black – Chief executive of fun (and marketing)

Fiona’s doughnut ideas are so good, we heard she was awarded an honorary doctorate in doughnutology.

Country: Mexico
Name: This is Nacho Doughnut
Ingredients: Sprinkled with corn chips, cheese, guacamole and salsa

10. Amanda Linardon – Queen of the Doughnuts (and PR. But mostly doughnuts)

Amanda is responsible for making this whole doughnut thing a reality, so she is well-loved in these parts.

Country: Japan
Name: Hokkai-dough
Ingredients: Green tea glaze with red bean and black sesame sprinkled on top

Think you can do better than our staff? Send us your best doughnut idea to be in with the chance of having your doughnut made and winning a Geckos trip of your choice.

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