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13 reasons to go cycling in Vietnam right now

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A wise man (probably) once said: “He who travels by bike has a way better time than he who travels on foot”, and we’re inclined to agree. There’s nothing quite like having the wind in your hair as you cruise along some old Vietnamese street/road/avenue and forget all about life’s little problems whilst simultaneously dodging people/cars/cats/dogs/other cyclists. Pure bliss.

But seriously, taking to two wheels is a brilliant way to see a destination like Vietnam. You can get around faster and you’re afforded more freedom, which means you’ll actually be able to see MORE on your trip than if you were to simply walk everywhere, which in turn means you’re actually getting better value for money. There is literally no downside. Here’s some other stuff that further illustrate just how awesome it is to cycle in Vietnam:

1. You’ll get free ice tea

Most Vietnamese restaurants offer free ice tea, meaning your next re-hydration station is never that far away. Or expensive.

2. You’ll be more creative

A study (we don’t know what one) found that roughly 25 minutes of exercise (like cycling) leads to one extra measure of creative thinking per session. Meaning you should take to two wheels whenever you need to think outside the box.

3. Your heart will thank you

According to the British Heart Foundation, roughly 10,000 fatal heart attacks could be avoided each year if people kept themselves in better shape. Cycling just 20 miles a week reduces your risk of heart disease to less than half that of those who take no exercise, said the BHF. Nuff said.

4. Because it’s romantic

In Vietnam, it’s considered romantic for a couple to take a bike ride for their first date. We assume the bike ride has to take place somewhere rural and outside of peak traffic times, otherwise it really wouldn’t be all that romantic. It’d be hellacious.

 5. You’ll be in good company

There are over a half billion bicycles in China. We have no idea how many there are in Vietnam, but we’re guessing there’ll be loads. Sorry.

6. Because Vietnam will never cease to surprise you

“Happy New Year” by Abba , “Hotel California” by The Eagles , and “Papa” by Paul Anka are Vietnam’s most popular karaoke songs. See what we mean?

7. Because calories

Cycling burns 600 calories per hour. Walking burns between 150-250 calories per hour (depending on speed). A mild-paced cycle (8km/h) burns more than a brisk walk (3km/h)  No brainer.

8. The math makes sense

On a bike, you can travel three times further than you can walk whilst using the same amount of energy, which further underlines our point of being able to see more in less time and have more energy for other things. Like eating pho, banh mi and rice paper rolls.

9. Because eternal youth

Some Scientists at Stanford University have found that cycling on the regular can protect your skin from UV rays and therefore reduce the effects of aging. Exercise also helps the body create collagen, meaning you can pretty much cycle yourself young. We’ve found the fountain of eternal youth, and it’s got two wheels.

10. Because it might even improve your sex life

Regular exercise improves your vascular health, which can in turn boost your libido, so say US health experts. Some researchers from Cornell University even found that male athletes typically have the sexual “va-va-voom” of guys two to five years their junior. Not bad.

11. Pho is fuel and you need it

One of the biggest guilt-inducers of travelling is demolishing all the local food you can get your hands on and feeling like a total slob. But when you’re on a cycling trip you’ll be burning off those calories quick-sharp, leaving more room for pho and banh mi, and less room for guilt. Score.

12. Endorphins, all the time

Cycling – like every other form of exercise – releases feel-good endorphins that make you feel good.

13. Vietnam is one of our favourite places in the world

The food, the people, the scenery, the coffee, the history, the ancient sites – Vietnam has got it all. And seeing it all from the comfort of two wheels is a damn fine way to see it.

If all of the above leaves you really, really wanting to go cycling in Vietnam (how could it not?) jump on board our Geckos Adventures x Reid Cycles Tour De Pho cycling trip. It takes in all of Vietnam’s best bits on two wheels. What more could you possibly want?

Tour De Pho

Get out there.

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