24 hours in

Published on February 15th, 2014 | by Geckos Tales Team

24 hours in Beijing

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The tale of Beijing is the tale of two cities. You’ve got the Beijing Fast Lane and the Beijing Slow Lane. The fast lane is modern and speedy and changing everyday. Everything is Go! Go! Go! With crazy haircuts, rapid transport, neon lights and lots of posing. The slow lane will take you to ancient sites and cultural insights from centuries of awesomeness. Both lanes will guarantee you excellent food and heaps of wow. Here’s our favourite mix of fast and slow.

8am Slow Lane. Grab a steaming bowl of congee with a side of fried crullers.

10am Fast Lane. Take the subway to the Silk Markets with a million of your new closest friends. Clothes, bags, jewellery are all up for grabs. Don’t forget to bargain.

12pm Slow lane. Hire a bike to cycle through the Hutongs. You’ll find lots of hole–in-the-wall eateries for lunch.

1pm Fast Lane. Stand in Tiananmen Square and turn in a circle. You’ll see the Forbidden City, Mao’s mausoleum and the Great Hall of the People. You’ll also get dizzy.

3pm Slow Lane. Explore the Forbidden City. If you ignore the people who brought fast food with them, you could almost picture the emperors holding court.

5pm Slow Lane. Climb the hill in Jingshan Park, for sunset over the city. And if it’s too smoggy to see the sun, admire the orange clouds.

9pm Fast Lane. Karaoke is king of Beijing’s nightlife. Find a local bar and sing yourself into some new friendships.

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