24 hours in Buenos Aires dancing | Photo courtesy of Gustavo Brazzelle, Flickr

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24 hours in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires  | Photo courtesy of Gustavo Brazzelle, Flickr

Doesn’t sound possible but Buenos Aires really is all things to all people. BA is for artists and lovers, dreamers and realists, foodies, fashionistas, shoppers, dancers, revolutionaries, historians and 24 hour party people. You’ll find fine art and graffiti art, street food and degustation blow outs, designer boutiques and flea markets – at both ends of the scale, Buenos Aires excels.   

9am: Start your morning with a touch of elegance in Recoleta. Smeterling Patisserie obliges with quality espresso coffee, cakes, pastries and tarts. After you’ve indulged in the game known as ‘death by caffeine and pastry’, wander around Recoleta’s impossibly beautiful streets. Head to Recoleta Cemetery to see Evita Peron’s tomb, then make an entirely unnecessary pit stop at Chocolates Rapa Nui, for next level ice cream and chocolates.

12pm: Get your art fix at Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, also known as MAMBA. With more than 6,000 contemporary works of art on display, this collection is considered among BA’s best.

3pm: Nearby, gritty San Telmo awaits. It’s entirely possible to have an austerity measures-approved afternoon here just wandering and window shopping. Check out the avant-garde galleries, lust after art deco antiques, covet kitsch paraphernalia, and watch street side Tango.

9pm: After dark, head to the neverfail Palermo neighbourhood for some bar hopping. Join the indie crowd at dark and dingy Bar Guebara, drink cool beers amid edgy art at Post Street Bar, sip high-end whisky at Ocho7Ocho and sip cocktails with the party set at Kim y Novak. Tomorrow = hangover.

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