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24 hours in the Galapagos

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To spend 24 hours in the Galapagos, you’ll have to do it largely by boat. No fancy restaurants and bars here, just the sea and a whole lot of wildlife. The beauty is that each morning when you dock, you’ll have a new adventure and a new destination. These incredible islands each have their own distinct character and what you’ll see depends on where you go. One thing is for sure; you’ll swim, stare and photograph more than you ever thought possible.

8am Breakfast on board surrounded by blue skies and circling albatrosses. Not bad. Not bad at all.

10am Set sail for the islands. It could be Bartolome, Santiago or Daphne.

12pm Time for a dip. Enter the crazy underwater world of the Galapagos where your swimming partners will be furry, feathery or creepy. Think iguanas, sea lions, sea horses and penguins.

2pm Photograph sea lions on the beach or iguanas wrestling on the rocks. Head inland to see blue footed boobies doing their crazy mating dance, giant tortoises plodding along and some of those finches Darwin was talking about.

5pm Set sail to find a spot to anchor for the night and enjoy a sundowner on deck. Just you, the sunset and 750,000 birds. Cool.

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