24 hours in

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24 hours in Jerusalem

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Be immersed in a place that has drawn in pilgrims from far and wide for centuries.  Walking around 2000 year old Jerusalem is a bit like being an extra in a movie, although you’re not walking past faux-buildings made by clever Hollywood set designers but real, timeworn ancient structures that serve as a sobering reminder of how small and fleeting our lives are. 

9am Start your day within the beating heart of Jerusalem – the Old City. Lose hours wandering around the Armenian, Jewish, Muslim and Christian Quarters, a true multifaith experience. Walk the ramparts, stop by the Western Wall and don’t miss the Church of the Holy Selpulchre.

1pm Engage in a personal, street food-eating Battle Royale. Line up some Israel street food favourites – falafel, shawarma, and burekas (pastries) – and down them all in the name of culinary research (this is important field work afterall). Afterwards, wash it down with a fresh Pomegranate Juice procured from a street cart.

2pm Dedicate your whole afternoon to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. A sprawling monument to the fallen, you’re going to need to allow yourself enough time (and mental space) to process what you see and feel. The extensive grounds house peaceful gardens, poignant memorials, thought-provoking art, and a museum.

7pm Sit down for a plate of simple food at the Mamilla Café to see a more modern side of this ancient city. Today, you’ve chronologically worked your way around the city – from the ancient roots to the now. Sit outside and watch the sun evaporate for another day, as it is done so over Jerusalem for centuries.

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