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24 hours in Kampala

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The City of Seven Hills actually more than seven hills. It also has a lot more to see than just hills. Kampala is Africa in miniature. Everything about this city is just, so, African. The food, the transport, the sights and the people. It’s a wonderful mix of cultures and history and a day here will barely be enough to get a taste of it. But if 24 hours is all you’ve got, then here’s what we’d do with it.

8am After dousing yourself in sunscreen grab the first of many coffees for the day. You’re in Uganda, home of the world’s best coffee, make the most of it.

10am Catch a boda boda (motorcycle taxi) for a furious ride through the city to the Uganda Museum for an in-depth look at the country’s culture.

12noon Grab a juice and a rolex from a street vendor. A rolex is an omlette snack, not a watch.

1pm Travel by matatu to the Mother Temple, a Baha’i temple with views over the city.

3pm Stop for happy snaps at Parliament and the Independence memorial before stocking up on cheap clothes and souvenirs at the Owino Market.

5pm Another market stop, this time the Nakasero Market with rows and rows of fresh produce. Photography heaven.

7pm Eat some hearty matoke, the national dish, before dancing the night away at a local club. The Ugandans love to dance so be prepared to boogie like you’ve never boogied before.

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