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24 hours in Krakow

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Nowhere else in the world nails the “medieval meets emerging star” vibe quite like Krakow. Once ravaged by war, Krakow has forged forward to reclaim glory in the face of adversity. In short: Krakow is a cracker of a city!

8am Start your day among the pigeons, horse-drawn carts, buskers and peddlers of the Main Square in the Old Town. You won’t be able to walk two metres without tripping over a bagel cart, so bagel your way around the decidedly medieval Old Town, enjoying the sculptures, churches, theatres and monuments with a bagel in your hand and a carb-induced smile on your face.

1pm A short walk from Old Town, a visit to Pomorska (aka the Gestapo Museum) is a sobering experience. This is the place that the Gestapo used to interrogate and torture people during World War Two, so isn’t exactly a romantic travel date (if that’s what you’re after, head to the Lover’s Bridge instead). But in a “those that don’t know history are destined to repeat it” kind of way, it’s important to know what went down here, so it will never happen again.

3pm Continue your walk to Kazimierz, the historic Jewish district of Krakow. Walk around the old narrow streets, and perhaps stop to visit a synagogue or call into a run-down bar for some mulled wine?

5pm Take a stroll over the pedestrian footbridge to Krakus Mound. Sit up on the grass for a while, and enjoy the incredible views of Krakow, knowing that you’re not spending a dime for the privilege.

7pm  Beer cave! Now that we’ve got your attention, return to the city centre and stop by the Chmiel Beer Pub to access more than 200 varieties of beer and cider. Free pinball and comfy lounges sweeten the deal.   

10pm Slip into the Harris Piano Jazz Bar for a night cap and some smooth tunes.   

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