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24 hours in Luang Prabang

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People say that Luang Prabang is the most charming city in Asia. You know what? The people speak the truth. 

6am WAKE UP and give alms to the monks at dawn. It’s pretty much the best thing you will do in Laos. Too many Beer Lao is not a good enough reason to miss it.

9am You got up early, which we’ll admit was pretty inspired, so you can go back to Luang Prabang pace now. Ie. find café, order Laotian coffee and delicious French bread, admire the beautiful EVERYTHING, read book, talk to some strangers, love life.

11am Wander the alleys, chat to some locals, find a few little art and craft haunts, grab some delicious treats from the street stalls and go hang in the sun on the riverbank.

1pm Hire a bike and meander about town, or jump in a tuk-tuk and travel about an hour to Kouand Si waterfall. Go for a swim in the amazeballs pools at the bottom.

5pm Get your climb on and hike up the 330 steps to the top of Phu Si (the highest point in central Luang Prabang) to watch the sunset.  You’ll probably get a bit weak at the knees for the old girl (the city, don’t be weird) after this. Your buns won’t be weak though, they will be carved from steal from all of the stairs. Dreamy.

7pm Once the sun has set, get your (now very firm) buns to the night market. A wonderland of handcrafts, silks and a whole bunch of stuff you probably don’t need, but will inevitably want.

9pm Head to the Dao Fa nightclub or Duanh Champa to get down and party with the locals (to blaring Lao pop). So much awesome.

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