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Published on January 2nd, 2014 | by Geckos Tales Team


24 hours in Mexico City

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Most Mexican fantasies involve food and booze, which is fair enough, because there are tons of both here. Hit the streets and buy the first (and second and third) thing you see.

9am Head to Café Popular or Café Tacuba, our top contenders for the city’s best huevos rancheros.

11am Explore Zocalo, the main square with its Metropolitcan Cathedral, the ruins of Templo Mayor and The National Palace. There’ll be all kinds of folk kicking around, from indigenous people to street performers. People-watch your heart out.

2pm Keep up the explorative energy with a snack. Tacos el pastor is perhaps Mexico City’s most famous export, so swing by El Huequito and taste the rainbow. And by rainbow we mean pork.

4pm Browse a collection of Mexican art at the Andres Blaisten Collection then have a pre-dinner tipple at the Hotel Majestic rooftop bar.

8pm When our mate Liam went to Mexico City, he got dinner from 7/11. But Liam’s an idiot. We reckon you should stop off at the first street stall you find, grab something you’ve never tried before, then head to La Botica to kickstart an evening in the ultimate late night city.

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