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24 hours in Nairobi

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Don’t be one of those fancy folk that fly in and out of Nairobi without ever having seen or been a part of it. Sure, there’s the notorious traffic snarls to negotiate, but there are also contemporary galleries, inventive community co-ops and a national park slap-bang in the middle of the city!  

8.30am Start your day with some French Press coffee and fresh juice at the Tin Roof Café. Located in the suburb of Karen, it’s well worth grabbing a ride here to experience one of the best breakfasts in Nairobi, or possibly Africa. Big call, but we’re quietly confident you’ll agree.

10.30am Arrive early and grab yourself a prime position for viewing the daily elephant parade at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Watch baby elephants being bottle fed (awwww) and see baby elephants roll around in the mud (aaah). It’s one big cute-fest!

12pm Stop at the Karen Blixen coffee garden restaurant for a thoroughly colonial lunch on the property once owned by the author of Out of Africa.

2pm Make a beeline for the Nairobi National Park to see giraffes, rhinos, monkeys and gazelles all within 7km of the city. While most cities are content with having a zoo, Nairobi has outdone them all by having a protected ecosystem within its limits. Well played Nairobi, well played.

6pm Experience a taste of Ethiopia at Habesha restaurant. After a long day in Nairobi’s blazing sun, all you need to do now is just sit back with a cool beer as plates of fragrant food are delivered to your table in this laidback, casual eatery.   

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