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24 hours in Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro. So cool there have been cars, knickers, and even Duran Duran songs named after it. Mountains and beaches, beautiful buildings and beautiful people, sports and entertainment, and food and drink galore – this party-hard megalopolis has more of all of those things than you could shake a stick at. Don’t believe us? We’ll wait here while you find a stick and try.

8am You’ve gotta hand it to Jesus – when it comes to views of Rio he’s got the best seat in the house. Train up to Corcovado, marvel at this massive Art Deco sculpture, then marvel some more at the Eden at your feet. Before heading out, fortify yourself with a breakfast of ultra-strong, sweet coffee, butter-laden cornmeal bread and some papaya.

12pm Almoço – lunch – involves serious eats. Leave room in your dessert pouch. For a meatapocalypse visit a churrascaria. For something more balanced, hit up a comida por quilo for a buffet deal: Ipanema is the place to go. Emerge from your food coma and head off to the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum, housed in something resembling an upside down UFO.

Sunset Snuggled between supermodel beaches Copacabana and Ipanema, Arpoador wins the World Cup of Sunsets. Find a sandy spot and kick back, boozy caipirinha in one hand, palm-heart empadinha in the other, and watch the sun go to sleep. Sounds cheesy, but 9 out of 10 medical professionals agree cheese is good for the soul.

8pm Party time for as long as you can handle it. The cariocas – that’s the moniker Rio locals go by – are nocturnal beings with no apparent need for sleep. Clink glasses at the famous bar Jobi. Catch old-school music at Plataforma. Take in a live show beneath the historic arches of Lapa. Get traditional at Theatro Municipal. And dance the night away at Estudantina Musical.

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