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24 hours on safari

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In Africa, you’re not really seeing Africa unless you go on safari. The thrill of keeping still and hoping the lion spots the gazelle and not you is exciting to say the least. As is whipping out your giant SLR to shoot the croc on the river bank or Instagramming #WIDN. Yes, an elephant and her calf beats that amazing sushi your friends had for lunch back home. On safari you see things beyond your wildest dreams. Pun intended. Safari. Is, Africa.

5am: Wake before sunrise to make the most of the cool of the day. A lot of driving is often necessary to find the beasts, and in the mornings they’re slow and easy to spot. Not so much after they’ve had their espresso

8am: Stalk a family of elephants as they head down to a waterhole for a drink. Resist the urge to use pantomime movements and yell “Behind you! Behind you!” when you see a croc.

10am: You just locked eyes with a leopard in a tree. Awesome.

12pm: It’s hot and the animals are all napping, and so should you.

3pm: Things are cooling down again, which is good because the giraffes keep eating all the shade.

5pm: Sunset drinks for you, and sunset drinks for the animals. They’re all stocking up on water before the night’s adventures.

8pm: Predator time. Keep your arms inside the vehicle, there are lions out there.

10pm: Go to sleep to the sounds of wild Africa. Try not to think too hard about what animal just padded outside your door.

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