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24 hours in Ubud

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Ubud’s the kind of place you decide to become a writer. Or an artist. Or a yoga instructor. Anything that will keep you here with the bright Bali colours, healthy lifestyle and amazing culture.

A bike ride in any direction will take you to rice paddies and craft villages, whilst the town itself has temples, palaces and plenty of hippies. This is Bali at its best: culture, beauty and just enough good shopping to contemplate another back pack.

8am Get your hippy on. Everyone comes to Ubud to feel good, so there’s no shortage of organic, vego and vegan cafes a to feed your body.

10am Head to the palace, just off the main street. It’s relatively new but Balinese in style and still home to the descendants of the last King.

11am Hire a bike and explore. Each of the villages that makes up Ubud has it’s own special skill. There’s the weaving village, the sculpture village and the batik village.

2pm You can’t move in Ubud without bumping into an artist or a writer from somewhere exotic. Just an aimless wander through the streets will show you some pretty amazing work.

4pm Relaxation time. Stop for a pedicure with some feet nibbling fish or a massage. It is Bali after all.

6pm Head to the back streets. About two minutes walk away from the shopping streets you’ll find yourself surrounded by rice paddies. There are a few little bars and restaurants almost floating above the paddies. Find a good spot to watch Bali at its sunset-best.

8pm See a Kecak Fire and Trance show. The chanting and dancing will have you involuntarily rocking in your seat.

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