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24 hours in Varanasi

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Varanasi is one of the holiest cities in India. Mother Ganga flows slowly by and pilgrims flock from around the country to bathe in her waters. Some even come here to die. There’s deep spirituality in every stone and even the unholiest might feel something murmur deep inside. But that could just be one to many lassis. There are hippies looking for a new life, pilgrims looking for a happy next life, sadhus looking for liberation and travellers looking for just one more lassi.

6am In Varanasi, dawn is worth waking up for. Head down to the ghats and hire a boat for a spectacular sunrise.

8am When you dock, start exploring the ghats. Dodge buffaloes, cricket games, pilgrims bathing and jumper-wearing goats (don’t ask).

10am The Ganges is all about life, death and everything in between. Head down to the cremation ghats to see the full circle. Not for the faint hearted.

12pm Head away from the river into the warren of shops, houses and hole-in-the-walls for lunch. Eat your fill of thali and jalebis (sweet sweets).

2pm Visit the Durga Temple with its hundreds of monkeys. If monkeys freak you out try Bharat Mata, a temple dedicated to Mother Ganga.

4pm If you’re a dude, find a local barber for a cut-throat shave. If you’re a dudette, leave the guys and their knives and stock up on stunning sari fabrics.

5pm Head back to the ghats for Ganga Aarti. The atmosphere is electric. Think chanting men with fire and lots of awesome. Or hire a boat and release your own offering.


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