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24 hours in Vienna

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Drop your misconceptions of Vienna at the door and spend your day uncovering the jackpot of cool finds hidden behind Vienna’s oh so cultured veneer. On the flipside of all the glistening palace trinkets and elegant concert halls lies an avalanche of odd, bizarre, and intriguing museums, bars and hideouts. Vienna isn’t the cheapest of cities, so grab a fistful of euros and pony up for some wickedly fun times.  

9am With so many coffeehouses to choose from, where does one breakfast in Vienna? Well, let’s put it this way: Trotsky, Freud, Adler, Hitler and Lenin all used to hang out at Café Central. Okay, now that that’s settled, you’ve just got to decide whether cake for breakfast is acceptable protocol (which it is).

11am Stay in the Old Town area of Vienna and proceed on foot to the Natural History Museum. With more than 30 million specimens including ancient and extinct animals, you’re going to need a few hours to take in all the dead things on display. From gigantic dinosaur skeletons to a 117kg chunk of Topaz and the largest collection of meteorites on display in the world, you’ll rue the day you wrote off natural science as boring.

3pm A rare solution to a building permit problem, the republic of Kugelmugel is basically a giant, spherical house built by an artist who founded his own micronation (of which he’s the president of, of course) because the local government weren’t that into his ball-house. Although the border is closed (and secured with barbed wire) it’s definitely worth a visit.

4pm Process the awesomeness of Kugelmugel (and the chutzpah of its maker and president) with a long walk along the Danube.

7pm Head back to the city centre and slide into a leather booth at Loos American Bar – a tiny, smoky bar/den that reeks of nostalgia (and smoke).

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