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33 tips for the first-time traveller

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We asked our well-travelled Facebook fans what advice they’d give to the first-time traveller. Some of it was practical, some of it was profound, and some of it was a bit too weird to publish. Here, we selected the best of the best. Read this then get out into the big bad world, you little scamp. What are you waiting for?

1. “Always pack a sarong. It can be used for many things: skirt, dress, blanket, pillow, curtain, towel, shawl, wrap for precious items…the list is endless.” – Bronwyn Moar

2. “Leave most of those clothes at home and get a smaller bag!” – Catherine Cheddah

3.  “Women: your bra doubles up as a cash belt…” – Felicity Collen

4. “Be respectful, relax when things go wrong, soak it all up and be open minded…and always carry toilet paper!” – Danny Brown

5. “Leave your expectations at home” – Nicholas Marshall

6. “Take more camera batteries and SD cards than you think you will need…” – Felicity Collen

7. “Pack older clothing that your happy to leave behind if you buy too much stuff. And if you can’t get it all in your bag, donated some of it to people in need.” – Amanda Smiles

8. “Solo travellers in particular: make sure you stay at a good hostel on your first stop and you’ll meet cool people straight away” – Michael Vanderlaan

9. “On the first night when you’re nervous of who you’ll meet and what might happen – savour it and stay calm. It’s normal and it’ll be brilliant. Breathe in and go…” – Mike Jackson

10. “Don’t forget the wet wipes!” – Bex Cummins

11. “Pack light!” – Michelle Moore

12. “Leave your culture behind and accept the new one as soon as you get to your destination.” – Tamara Steensen

13. “Travel insurance.” – Margie Hamilton

14. “Plan to be flexible.” – Nick Shannon

15. “Do not enter a carpet shop in Istanbul unless you specifically want to spend hundreds of dollars on a carpet.” – Michael Vanderlaan

16. “Hang onto your bag. If you put it down, put your foot through the strap.” – Lesley Bailey

17. “Trust your gut.” – Laura Simpson

18. “Don’t pack any more than you can comfortably carry!” – Prudence Munn

19. “Don’t stop!” – Sharyn Payne

20. “Send yourself an email with a scan of your passport, ID, driving license and whatever else you might need. If you take your phone or iPod/iPad, download some applications that will help you speak the local languages. For the girls: do yourself and the environment a favor and buy a Moon Cup (Google it if you haven’t heard of it. Become friends with locals. When something wrong happens, keep calm and try finding a solution. If it takes time, try some local liquor…it helps. Take only half the stuff you packed. If you travel alone, go to hostels to make new friends quickly. Be open-minded and don’t expect things to go as you would like them to go. Eat new things as often as you can – food is life, pleasure and culture!” – Nadia Ba

21. “Don’t stress, go with the flow and enjoy the experience. It may never happen again.” –  Leonie Flitcroft

22. “Just do it.” – Sue Baxter

23. “This is the beginning of a new world of adventures! ENJOY!” – Holly Pasiuk

24. “Travel very light and see everything.” – Sharna Stewart

25. “Be aware of your surroundings, your gut and have a go. When in Rome…” – Serena Barker

26. “Throw all of your expectations out the window and be respectful! Don’t be afraid to say hi to locals.” – Shari Borrell

27. “Ladies: always carry a spare pair of undies in your handbag, airlines are always misplacing your luggage , 36 hours in Rome and then again in Malta, never had a bag misplaced since.” – Julie Milner

28. “Life is Travel” – Richard Ham

29. “Smile and don’t be afraid to say hello to people. It will get you a lot further around the world than you think.” – Bevan Gibbs

30. Pack only half of what you think you’ll need to leave room in your bag for what you will buy when away (saves having to buy another bag for things you buy, which always happens to me!)” – Liz Lacey

31. Pack lightly, know the cultures dos and don’ts, be street smart and have fun.” – Belinda Mitchell

32. Do your research – particularly if you’re visiting a culture very different to your own.” – Lauren Lozzi B

33. “Enjoy every minute.” – Margaret Quigley

Do you have any more tips to add to this list? Let us know in the comments section.


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