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Published on October 19th, 2015 | by Emily Kratzmann


6 household critters and their epic adventures

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With the news that JFK International Airport is about to open a pet-only terminal and the not-so-new news that you can – finally! – take your pet falcon on Qatar and Emirates flights, hitting the road with your furry (or feathered) friend is getting easier by the day. So to celebrate pets, travel, and pets that travel, here are eight of our favourite non-human companions who boldly went where no creature has before (we think). Some set out on solo journeys and met friends along the way, others were rescued from roadside service stations, and one little kitty just wanted to ride the bus while getting pats.

Red Dog

If you’ve seen the movie, you’d already know what a boss Red Dog was. And if you haven’t, stop reading this blog and go find out right now. Without giving too much away, the film is about a kelpie/cattle dog who made a legend of himself by hitchhiking his way around Western Australia’s Pilbara region for years. Ok, so we basically just gave the whole thing away then… but still go see it.

4Neus, flickr

Not Red Dog. But a dog ‘reddy’ for adventure. Image c/o 4Neus, Flickr.

Party Cat

Pat found Party Cat when he stopped to fill up his bike at a Nevada service station. Party Cat, then a tiny kitten, was badly burnt, malnourished and in desperate need of love. Pat was bearded and a bikie but cat-less. So Pat tucked Party Cat into his leather jacket, and this party of two has been going strong ever since. The unlikely pair now cohabit a New Jersey flat after traversing much of the USA.

Millie the hiking cat

When Craig met Millie in a Utah adoption centre, the incy wincy kitten gave him a quick sniff, climbed onto his shoulders and proclaimed herself home. Since then, Millie’s life has changed dramatically. Not a cat to lounge around all day napping and licking herself, she and Craig head out on regular hiking adventures through some of America’s trickiest climbing spots – Millie even has her own harness.

Loki the Mala-wolf-sky

Part Siberian Husky (which is like an Alaskan Malamute), part Alaskan Malamute (which is like an Arctic Wolf), part Arctic Wolf (which is like a Siberian Husky), Loki is one good lookin’ pooch. And doesn’t he just know it. Since being rescued by Kelly in 2012, Loki (and Kelly) have been busy enjoying exceptionally photogenic camping trips. When not shamelessly posing atop of boulders, wistfully gazing off into the distance or questioning authority, Loki – much like all male models – can generally be found hangin’ with the ladiezzz.

Kadisdaman, wiki

‘Adventure needs me so I must go. I’m sure you understand…’ Image c/o Kadisdaman, Wikipedia

Jessie the cross-country cat

Meowsers! In 2010, Jessie the cat and her owners moved from Ungarra in South Australia to Darwin. But, after three weeks of trying to adapt to her new life up north, Jessie decided that she cared not for the tropics, turned tail… and walked her way home. Yes, walked. Right across the middle of Australia. One year and nearly 3,000 km later, Jessie padded back into her old digs where she now lives with her old home’s new owners.

The Artful (fare) Dodger

OK, so this ginger cat ain’t exactly a cross-country traveller, but the fare-evading puss – Dodger for short – was quite partial to a bit of bus travel in his day. A regular at the Bridport bus stop, Dodger would spend his mornings rubbing his fuzzy face around commuters’ legs and, in finding friendly pair of hands, follow them onboard so that the patting might be continued. Sadly, Dodger was put down in 2012.

Yeimaya, flickr

‘Helm hard a-starboard my good man. We’ll pull in at the next cove for a good ear scratch’. Image c/o Yeimaya, Flickr

Arthur the Tough Mutt-er

Heart. Just. Exploded. Arthur – then an un-named stray eking out an existence in the Amazon – had his life changed forever when a team of Swedes competing in the Adventure Racing World Championships raced into his whereabouts.  Swedes never being a people to travel anywhere without their famous Swedish meatballs, the team offered one to Arthur… and Arthur liked. Arthur liked so much that he swam, ran and trudged the remainder of their expedition with them. Arthur now lives in Sweden where the meatballs are plenty plentiful.

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