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6 things Joey Essex learned about Africa when he was in Africa

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I went to Africa with the Geckos Adventures crew to film a TV show called Educating Joey Essex. It was mad, and when I was there, I learned loads of stuff. Then I wrote down some of that stuff for your reading pleasure.

1. Food – Worms and rolexes

In South Africa my guide Garland gave me mopane worms.  He said everyone ate them but I think he was making it up!! I had to spit them out.  In Uganda I saw this sign saying Rolex…I thought they was selling watches, it was a egg and cheese wrap – quite nice and cheaper than a watch rolex.

2. Animals – My favourite animals were Gorillas, baboons and dung beetles

Gorillas don’t say ooh ooh ahh ahh as much as I thought they would but the ones I met were well friendly, they were just cootching.  – one even brushed past me.   They are so similar to us – they even pick their noses and eat it.  I DON’T DO THAT THOUGH.

Also, baboons are amazing, so funny and quite similar to some of my friends in Essex! One of the coolest things was watching dung beetles in Kruger, seeing the male push a massive ball of poo with his girlfriend riding on it was so weird but also so sick.

3. Africa is MASSIVE

It takes LOOOOOONG to get everywhere. We were driving for 9 hours…9 HOURS to get to the gorillas.

4. The Jungle is massive too

It takes LOOOOOOONG to find gorillas. We trekked for seven hours there and back to see the gorillas BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT. I was so sweaty and hot, I carried the soundmans bag which was well heavy…

5. My African hairstyle

I spend a lot of time on my hair but in Africa it wasn’t so easy.  When I was in a tent there was no plug sockets for my hairdryer!  After a while I stopped worrying about it, it was quite messy but I just told everyone it was my new African style. REEM.

6. What you saying Africa?

I went to Africa to learn about the world but I also taught Africa some stuff.  I educated the kids in Soweto about wearing really short shorts and there’s now a whole tribe in Uganda now say REEM. Sick.

Enjoy that? Good! Now come and check out some EXCLUSIVE footage from when I was in Africa.

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