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Published on February 14th, 2014 | by Oliver Pelling


6 ways travel can (kind of) save your love life

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You may remember a recent post, based on findings from the U.S Travel Association, entitled 7 WAYS TRAVELLING CAN (KIND OF) SAVE YOUR LIFE. Well, our mates (they don’t know who we are) at the U.S. Travel Association have been at it again, and this time we’ve unearthed their findings on ways travel can help inject some juicey-juice (gross) into your love life.

Whether you’re single, married, divorced, never-been-kissed, completely asexual or a eunuch, these findings are sure to light the fuse on your love life. Actually, if you are completely asexual or a eunuch, reading this list will probably be a complete waste of time. Perhaps go and have a cup of tea or something instead. To be fair, these facts are actually pretty terrible, so you won’t be missing much.

1. Travel is the secret to a happy marriage

love1“Hey honey, the view’s back here”

Apparently, women who take more vacations are  more satisfied with their marriages than women who don’t. This is interesting, because the U.S. Travel Association doesn’t actually specify where these vacations need to take place, who pays for the vacation in the first place and whether married women actually need to vacation with their husbands to get the full effects. It is safe to assume that if a husband buys his wife a holiday to the middle of the Australian outback, where there is no electricity, shelter, food or drinking water, and he opts to stay at home, that the aforementioned wife would probably not be more satisfied with her marriage.

2. Travel is a potent Viagra

love2The calm before the giggedy

The U.S Travel Association are confident that 42 percent of travellers feel more romantic (see: randy) on vacation, and 53 percent feel more connected with their families after taking a vacation. Naaaw.

3. Travel opens minds

love3Freaking hippies

A “clear majority” of students surveyed by the U.S Travel Association, said travel made them more trusting, open-minded, flexible, confident and tolerant. Now, if only the world could be more trusting, flexible and tolerant of travelling students, we’d be one step closer to world peace. We’re not 100% sure what this has to do with relationships, aside from the fact that it means there are a bunch of trusting, open-minded, flexible, confident and tolerant students running about the place. We assume

4. Travel makes wealthy people healthy people

love4Brian has six women on that private jet, each one richer than the last

According to the U.S Travel Association, eight out of ten affluent people reckon travelling is “very important” to their well-being. This begs the question as to what is “very important” for people who are not affluent. Our guess is that food, water, shelter and being able to pay the bills is “very important”. Holidays come after all of that. This then brings us to the very perplexing subject of inequalities in modern society, where one small group of people have the majority of the world’s wealth, whilst the other group struggle. Is this fair? If not, how could we make it fairer? Do we need a mass redistribution of wealth? Should we resort to communism, or would that stifle enterprise? All big questions, ladies and gentlemen. None of which have anything to do with travel, or this blog post. Or the U.S Travel Association. Moving on.

5. Travel will make you feel better about your relationships

love5Dog, cat, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, goat, llama – you’ll love what you love even more

The U.S Travel Association says that even the anticipation of travel makes everyone feel that much happier and satisfied in their day-to-day life, relationships, health and family situation. This is not rocket science. This is not even paper-aeroplane science.

6. Travel will make you happier, thus more attractive. Probably.

love6These two are probably really well travelled. Don’t you just hate their stupidhandsome faces?

The sixth and final fact in this somewhat shambolic list of facts is that “life satisfaction increases during vacation”. We’re not even going to go into this one.

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