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Published on June 12th, 2014 | by Geckos Tales Team


The 7 deadly sins of travel

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Apparently, the seven deadly sins are “transgressions which are fatal to spiritual progress”. And here at Geckos, we’re all about spiritual progress. We’re also all about travel. So we figured we should probably try and summarise the seven deadly sins in the context of travel, so that your spiritual progress isn’t negatively affected on your next trip.

Still with us? Good. Here’s the stuff we all need to avoid.


There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of pride with regards to your travel accomplishments, but nobody likes an arrogant traveller. No matter how long our travel resume gets and how many adventures we’ve been on, there’s always going to be someone else who’s seen and done more. And really, we should be grateful we actually get the chance to travel, not cocky.


Travelling is all about losing your inhibitions and letting your hair down, but that doesn’t give us an excuse to turn into all-consuming monsters. We don’t always need to seize every photo opportunity, we don’t always need the best seat on the bus or the best bed in the hostel – sometimes there are other folks who are more deserving. That said, there’s nothing that will ever stop us making the most of the local food and drink.


There are several situations you’ll encounter whilst travelling in which lust may arise. And whilst, generally speaking, lust is OK to pursue, there are a few times when it isn’t OK to pursue. These times mostly occur on long haul flights and when your lust is directed at an airline attendant. There is no good that can come from acting on your lust in this environment.  We have it on good authority that airline attendants undergo rigorous lust-prevention training prior to their employment. We also have it on good authority that Bruce Lee was killed by an airline attendant.


It’s true that anger never solves anything and this is particularly pertinent in the world of travel. The very act of travelling means much of it will be unplanned, spontaneous, and maybe even dangerous. And when you’re playing with that combination, things can quite easily go wrong. If you lose your passport, get food poisoning, or a storm delays the trek you’ve been preparing for – just take a deep breath, do what you can to fix the issue, and have a nice cold beer. Unless you’ve got food poisoning…in which case just keep calm, stay hydrated, and remain within 10 feet of a toilet at all times.


This one is basically the same as gluttony. Just don’t go eating all the pies (unless the pies are tacos).


As we mentioned above, there will always be travellers who have seen more and experienced more. But don’t get jelly, just hit them up for as much knowledge and insight as you possibly can. They could have mates living all over the world they can put you in touch with, making your future travel plans that much easier. They could know all the best bars and beaches at your next destination – so be sure to drill them for that information. Take notes. Add them on Facebook. Take them to met your mother. You get the gist.



We literally have no idea how these guys even made it into the 7 deadly sins. They’re just great.


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