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7 heritage sites we could lose completely to global warming

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Macchu Picchu will be fine, though | Photo courtesy of N. Whitford, Flickr

All that needs to happen for us to lose one fifth of our world heritage sites is for the temperature to rise by 3C and for about 2000 years to tick by. These conditions would see the rise in sea level  leave some of our most beloved cultural and historical landmarks submerged forever. 

At least, that’s according to a study published yesterday in the Environmental Research Letters journal. It might seem like we’ve got a bit of time up our sleeves, but we’ll begin to see the impact within our lifetime unless we figure out how we’re going to stop climate change in its tracks.

The scientists behind the study (which was published yesterday) have also actually claimed that their estimates are probably underestimated, as they don’t take into account natural wear and tear caused by the ocean itself. Gulp.

1. Tower of London, England


Entrance to the Tower of London | Photo courtesy of xiquinhosilva, Flickr

Built: End of 1066
Purpose(s): Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress, castle, symbol of opression, prison (1100-1952).

2. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Leaning tower of pisa | Photo courtesy of Dimitri B, Flickr

Leaning tower of pisa | Photo courtesy of Dimitri B, Flickr

Built: 1372
Purpose: Freestanding bell tower, cathedral.

3. Sydney Opera House, Australia

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House | Photo courtesy of Andrew Fecheyr, Flickr

Built: 1973
Purpose: Opera house, tourist photo hot spot, architectural point of reference.

4. Hamburg, Germany


Hamburg | Photo courtesy of LuxTonnerre, Flickr

Founded: Second century C.E (ish). The castle that gives the city it’s name was built in 808 AD.
Purpose: City, etc.

5. St Petersburg, Russia


St Petersburg | Photo courtesy of Jorge Cancela, Flickr

Founded: 1703
Purpose: City, etc.

6. Venice, Italy


Venice | Photo courtesy of Jeremy Thompson, Flickr

Founded: The stroke of noon, 25 March 421. Seriously.
Purpose: Canal-having city, romantic tourist destination.

7. Statue of Liberty, United States


Statue of Liberty | Photo courtesy of Aku S, Flickr

Built: 1886
Purpose: A gift to the U.S. from France, representing Libertas, the goddess of freedom. The statue symbolises freedom and the welcoming of immigrants to U.S. shores. Naaaw.

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