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Leigh Barnes Likes: The Karate Kid, Cans of Solo, dogs, trekking in Nepal, trekking in Peru, trekking in Morocco, trekking, Deep fried chicken, alpaca steak, monkeys holding hands, Pho, Rage Against the Machine, table tennis, Welcome Back Kotter, beer, the smell of a freshly cut lawn in the morning, blue-footed boobies, signing loudly while I drive, New York, Dal Baht, having my cake and eating it, eating a kebab in every country I travel to, graffiti in Argentina, steak in Argentina, wine in Argentina, wine and taking a conversation to the extreme. Dislikes: Cats & turtlenecks.

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Make it at home: pisco sour recipe

March 28th, 2014 | by Leigh Barnes

Everybody knows that the Pisco Sour is Peru's most famous - and delicious - drink. But not everybody knows how to make a Pisco Sour. Well, we do. And we're willing to share this information with you, so long as you repay us by making us some Pisco Sours at some point down the track. Deal? Good

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