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Published on January 17th, 2018 | by Amy Foyster

The top 5 places to travel in March

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You know you want to go on a holiday. You know you want to go soon. But you have no idea where…

Picking the best place to go when you have time to travel is not that easy. There are so many epic adventures to be had, it’s hard to narrow it down. By the time March rolls around you will have just gotten stuck in to the year, but you’ll probably already be ready for a break from uni or work. We get it, being an adult is tough, so you gotta treat yo’self when you can! That’s why we’re bringing you our top picks for places to visit in March.

1. Cuba

classic car in Vinales, Cuba

Image credit: Beth Murnane

Ahhh, Cuba. The land of mojitos, salsa and classic cars. March this year will be a veeeery interesting time to visit Cuba, as it is the first time since 1926 that a Castro will not be gunning for the Presidency. Current Presidente Raul Castro (brother of Fidel) has announced he will not be seeking re-election, so the political future of this island paradise is relatively unknown. This means it may be the last chance to experience this idyllic time capsule as it is. Plus, the weather is perfecto in March – it’s before the real heat of summer kicks in (which can be scorching) but it’s not too humid either.

Trips to take:

Vintage Cuba

A Taste of Mexico and Cuba

2. Cambodia

girl in front of Angkor Wat

Image credit: Stephen Parry

There is never a bad time to visit Cambodia because it’s AWESOME, but if you go in March, you’ll sneak in before the start of the rainy season in May. This means there is better weather for exploring the Angkor complex, including the impressive Angkor Wat, Bayon and Banteay Srei. Plus, you’ll have ample opportunities to sun yourself on the stunning beaches, chow down on tasty fish amok at the Night Market in Phnom Penh and cycle through Kampong Chum.

Trips to take:

Ultimate Cambodia

The Real Cambodia

Essential Cambodia

3. Peru

man staring at llama on Machu Picchu

Image credit: Stephen Parry

Peru is so hot right now, and the weather in March is no exception to the trend. You can get in touch with nature and avoid piranhas in the Amazon Jungle, spot the floating islands of Uros on Lake Titicaca or check out some pretty sweet Incan history in Cusco. Plus, taste local delicacies such as ceviche or even guinea pig.

March is also a brilliant time to visit Machu Picchu. The Inca Trail is closed every February for essential repairs, so by March it is in tip-top condition. You may experience a bit of rain but on the plus side, you won’t have to contend with the crowds who trek in peak season. Winning.

Trips to take:

Peru at a Glance

Peru Unearthed

The Inca Trail

4. Thailand

salesperson on koh samui beach

Image via Shutterstock

Feeling like you need a beach getaway? Or perhaps you’d like to party in a bustling, cosmopolitan city? Or maybe slurping up some pad thai at a local marketplace is more your scene. Well never fear, the perfect destination for you is here. Thailand is so diverse and pretty great to travel to anytime, no matter what you’re into. However, going in March means you generally avoid the monsoonal rains that would keep you trapped inside rather than out exploring the Royal Palace in Bangkok, doing yoga in the mountains of Chiang Mai or sailing around islands like Koh Samui. Bliss.

Trips to take:

Super South Thailand

Discover Bangkok to Singapore

Explore Thailand to Singapore

5. Galapagos Islands

baby fur seal at the Galapagos Islands

Image credit: Oliver Pelling

The Galapagos Islands are a true bucket-list destination. So, why not tick this bad boy off in 2018? March may technically be the tail end of the rainy season, but that doesn’t stop the wildlife and it shouldn’t stop you. The water will be warming up (which is great for snorkelers) and travelling at this time of year means there will be less people, so you will totally feel like you are one of the only people on the planet. Plus, it’s mating season for the Frigate birds on San Cristobal and Genovesa, AND the marine iguanas will be starting to nest off North Seymour.

Trips to take:

Galapagos on the Cheap

Taste of Galapagos

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Hero image by Stephen Parry.

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