Your call Machu Picchua: officially worth losing a job over.

Published on January 25th, 2014 | by Geckos Tales Team


A career, love or travel?

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Machu Picchu: probably worth losing a job over | Photo courtesy of A. Dwyer 

Our Facebook fans are a good bunch. And sometimes we ask them things. This particular subject – the subject of whether or not you should leave your job or a relationship for travel – is a sensitive one. After all, saying goodbye to a lover or a dream job to chase some unknown horizon is kinda a big deal. That said, we got sent tons of insightful, personal and straight up funny nuggets of wisdom. Here are some of our favourites.

THE QUESTION: Have you ever compromised your career or a relationship for the sake of travel?


Damien Steponavicius:
“Left my job for a three-month journey across Europe, the Middle East and Egypt. Those three months made me largely what I am today. You can always earn a dollar, but perspective comes only with a point of relativity. Travel vs job? It was never even close (though now, with kids and a mortgage, it might be a tad bit closer.)”

Jordan Jones: 
“Quit my job in 2012. Still travelling. No regrets!”

Solita Lightfoot:
“I disappeared on my new boyfriend to go through with a two-month overseas holiday as it was booked and paid for. Risky but it all worked out and now he is my husband.”

Sandie Della: 
“Yep. Goes back to the saying; work to live not live to work. And that’s what I try to do. Travel will always win in my book and at times it beats the relationship too!”

Renee Boughen:
“Yes and yes! I’ve quit a job to travel and taken a break from my partner to travel – best thing ever because we ended up been closer and marrying two years later!”

Lorae Perdue:
“Had a guy tell me he would never be OK with me leaving for a month if we got serious. So, I left for a month.”

Sara Loughlin: 
“Yep! I quit my job and left my boyfriend for a few years to travel and discover the world. It was awesome. I’m back home now and lucky me – my boyfriend and I are back together. Couldn’t be happier.”

Clarey Egan: 
“I was broken up with by a boyfriend before my second overseas trip, and I quit my job for my fourth overseas trip this year. And this cycle will probably continue forever. Smiley face.”

Kate Cook: 
“Sure have. I was living in Los Angeles and I needed two days leave and I only got one approved. I still went on my trip to Mexico regardless. I tried to call in sick from the pyramids but the public phone didn’t work. When I returned to work I had earned myself a three-day suspension. No regrets.”

Vanessa Mercer:
“Compromised? I threw it in completely. Best decision I ever made.”

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