Published on February 6th, 2014 | by Geckos Tales Team

The most inspiring Neknomination you’ll ever see

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Flipping the whole Neknominate – an online drinking game that sees participants try and out-drink each other – on its head, a South African man has taken it upon himself to highlight what we should be doing to harness the power of the interwebz instead of drinking ourselves stupid.

In the video above, Brent Lindeque’s actions really underline how powerful social media could be. If everyone mirrored Lindeque’s actions at the rate they’re mirroring their drunken mate’s actions, we really could be much better off for it.

The game, conceived in Australia represented a different potential for Brent Lindeque, who makes a point in his video that more than half South African kids live in poverty.

Take a bow, Lindeque. You nailed it.

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