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An interactive guide to etiquette around the world

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Across the globe, societal norms for tipping, dining, greeting people and other forms of etiquette is totally different. This cultural variation is one of the biggest reasons we travel, but can also be one of the biggest causes of cultural faux pas. You don’t wanna be “that guy”.

If you don’t know what you’re in for, things can get tricky pretty quickly when you’re travelling abroad. Certain mannerisms might appear normal in one area of the world, but may be considered insulting in other regions. A “thumbs up” gesture, for example, while normal in the United States, is considered a grave insult in some Middle Eastern countries.

To simplify the do’s and don’ts of etiquette around the world, the travel site MyLifeElsewhere has put together a helpful and interesting guide. Etiquette is broken down into four basic categories: table manners & dining, tipping, greetings, and do’s/don’ts. The guide provides useful etiquette information for 21 different nations worldwide. Check out a simplified version of the etiquette guide below, or visit the full version

Here are a couple of interesting facts from the guide that might surprise you:
In Japan, using chopsticks to point at something is considered impolite.

In the United Arab Emirates, showing the soles of your feet is rude.

The Simplified Guide:

The Full Guide:

You can find the complete guide to etiquette around the world here.

Go forth and etiquette correctly, you handsome swines.

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