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Nepal: 21 photographs that will blow your mind

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Nepal is one of our favourite destinations. It’s at once a place you can get totally physical and totally spiritual – which is a stellar combination in our books. From the cultural climes of Kathmandu to the epic mountainscapes of the Gokyo region, the people, traditions and history of this place will totally blow your mind. It totally blows our mind, anyway.

We scoured the web, our own archives and searched our staffs’ Facebook albums to try and find a selection of images that we reckon represents Nepal’s entire spectrum of awesome. We reckon the below shots do a pretty damn fine job of that, and we sincerely hope you’ll agree once you’ve given them a looksie. Enjoy, friends. This is Nepal.

1. Porters carrying wood in the mountainous surrounds of Kathmandu. The kid on the left is smiling despite the heavy load on his back – dude is not easily phased. We like that.

Ahron de Leeuw - Porters carrying wood, mountains around Kathmandu valley

Photo courtesy of Ahron de Leeuw, Flickr

2. The sign to Everest Base Camp – an exciting find (and useful directions) for any would-be ascender.

Leigh Barnes - Everest BC

Photo courtesy of Leigh Barnes

3. How intrigued does this little fella look? Or bored. He might be bored. Either way, stay in school, kids.

Department of Foreign Affairs, Playgroup in Shree Sahara Bal Primary School

Photo courtesy of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Flickr

4. The Nepalese mountainscape has never looked better. How green is the green? How blue is the blue? How white is the white? Amazing.


Photo courtesy of D. Maxa

5. This photo of a bookshop in Pukar shows a side of Nepal you don’t often get to see – everyday life.

Sukanto Debnath - Pukar book store

Photo courtesy of Sukanto Debnath, Flickr

6. Sometimes it’s the people that makes the trip. This woman looks like the loveliest woman you could ever hope to meet, anywhere.

Jenny Downing, Serenity

Photo courtesy of Jenny Downing, Flickr

7. Um, yep. No explanation needed here: pure Nepalese magic.


Photo courtesy of D. Maxa

8. What can we say about this one? It has many connotations: beauty, innocence, sadness. It’s real-life.

Samuel Kimlicka - Nepalese kids

Photo courtesy of Samuel Kimlicka, Flickr

9. This shot of a shepherd’s camp offers an amazing glimpse into life amongst the mountains.


Photo courtesy of Steve Wroe

10. Yak + mountains + golden hour = photo wizardry. This one is no exception.


Photo courtesy of Steve Wroe

11. Photos of prayer flags are a dime a dozen. Photos of prayer flags this good are not.

jbobo7 - Nepal, buddhist prayer flags

Photo courtesy of jbobo7, Flickr

12. The holy men – or Sadhus – of Nepal make for excellent photographs – just make sure you ask permission first. Who knows – maybe they’ll get their posse together and give you one of the best photographs of your trip, like this:

Ayesh Shafi - Nepal

Photo courtesy of Ayesh Shafi, Flickr

13. Photos of Nepal are almost always taken outside, finding one taken inside that’s as tranquil as this was a real treat. The serenity of a Nepalese monastery – it can’t be beat.

Wonderlane - Atmosphere of a Tibetan Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal

Photo courtesy of Wonderlane, Flickr

14. Flags, mountains, blue skies – it was never not going to be a good photograph, was it?

McKay Savage - Prayer flat pole with Lhotse and Everest

Photo courtesy of McKay Savage, Flickr

15. We like the ominous tones to this one – as if the mountains woke up kinda pissed off, or something.


Photo courtesy of J. Reed

16. Take one massive gorge, add one gnarly bridge, throw in a few cattle and bingo: you’ve got yourself an epic photograph.

ilkerender - Kathmandu, Nepal

Photo courtesy of ilkerender, Flickr

17. The terrace farms of Nagarkot are pretty special. This photo does a rather splendid job of showing why.

Esmar Abdul Hamid - Nagarkot terrace farming, Nepal

Photo courtesy of Esmar Abdul Hamid, Flickr

18. Birds of a feather flock together, and the birds of Nepal look pretty cool. Fact.

Dave.dave.dave - Kathmandu, Nepal

Photo courtesy of dave.dave.dave, Flickr

19. We don’t reckon those walking poles belong to those kids, but they look pretty cute posing with ’em.


Photo courtesy of K. Lorimer

20. This stone house has been photographed heaps, but this is probably one of the best shots of it we’ve found. Perfect weather, perfect composition, perfect photo.


Photo courtesy of B. Naden

21. This shot of the Kathmandu streets at golden hour is possibly one of our favourite shots of Kathmandu at golden hour ever.

Esmar Abdul Hamid - Kathmandu, Nepal

Photo courtesy of Esmar Abdul Hamid, Flickr

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