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Nicky Bomba: why I’m backing the thin green line

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Nicky Bomba writes and plays reggae music (with heavy hints of dub and ska) that makes us feel good. He’s also playing the Greenline Grooves gig in Melbourne next month (1 August) alongside Gotye and Tex Perkins to help support our partners over at The Thin Green Line Foundation. These guys raise money for and give support to the world’s park rangers, who protect all of our awesome animals against some pretty terrifying odds (poachers, militia, that kind of thing).

We dropped Nicky a line to find out why he got involved with The Thin Green Line and what it is about conservation that gets him all fired up to go out there and play music and stuff.

How did you first get involved with The Thin Green Line?
Sean Willmore [founder of The Thin Green Line and ex-park ranger] first approached me and told me of the cause. I was taken aback that park rangers were in any danger anywhere. I wanted to be a park ranger in my youth and I’m still a massive fan of the outdoors and nature’s beauty. I actually live in the hills of Victoria [Australia] by a river and I know the local rangers don’t have to dodge bullets .

“The rangers that have to deal with life threatening situations are true soldiers and my hat goes off to them.”

What is it about the work TTGL do that inspired you to lend your support?
I have a real connection with people who dedicate their lives to the preservation of this planet and protection of endangered species. To actually be killed doing this work shocked me so hearing of a support structure for the families of the fallen comrades made me want to get involved and help somehow.

What do you think, personally, about the work park rangers do?
There are many different types of Rangers tackling different scenarios and they are united by a true love of nature. The Rangers that have to deal with life threatening situations are true soldiers and my hat goes off to them.

Rangers are on the front line of conservation every day and some regularly come up against armed poachers/militia – do you think you could do their job?
I prefer to use my music as my weapon. Way safer, but maybe not so immediately practical. I wish I had the guts to do their job…I really admire their bravery.

How important is it to you to fight to preserve the world’s animals and environments they inhabit?
Nature has developed a sweet equilibrium so we can all live quite happily and healthy. A lot of the time we steal the world to sell it back to ourselves and seriously shoot ourselves in the foot.
Getting the balance right is number one paramount. The fight is crucial.

“The [Thin Green Line] proceeds are very well administered and the families receive benefits without too much red tape stopping the flow.”

What, in your opinion, could people be doing to help out TTGL and the park rangers the foundation supports?
Apart from helping out with events/admin/promotion…..simply by rolling up to any fundraising event and buying a ticket has a direct positive influence. The proceeds are very well administered and the families receive benefits without too much red tape stopping the flow. There will be TGL literature at the gig to get a better idea of what TGL is about

Are you looking forward to the Greenline Grooves gig?
I am so honoured to be playing with these two legendary cats. We have some sweet things planned and it will be a wicked adventure into the Park Ranger Jungle of Music!

Do these kind of shows that support certain causes carry more meaning for you as an artist?
Absolutely!  There is a sense of giving with these events that transcends the hard work aspect of this industry.

Do you have a message for the people of the world who might not know about how much good work the park rangers do?
Get the info! Get aware!  This is a wonderful cause and a unique one as well.

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Want more info? You can get the full scoop on the incredible (and dangerous) work the rangers do by reading our post from earlier this week.

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