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Snoop Dogg’s attempt to hire an entire country is completely legit

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Snoop Dogg sent the internet into a frenzy (not really, but a few people were talking about it) earlier this month with reports of his attempt to hire the entire country of Liechtenstein. People were like, “that guy is totally crazy”, “what a boss” and “renting an entire country ain’t nothing but a G-thang, baby”.

As the world’s travel experts*, we took it upon ourselves to do a little research on the matter. And it turns out that requesting to hire the principality of Liechtenstein (the fourth-smallest country in Europe) is a completely legitimate one.

This Guardian article from 2011 talks about the scheme to get the super-rich on board to drop $70,000 per night in exchange for the whole of Liechtenstein, accommodation for 150 people, customised street signs and your own currency. Sounds like a steal if you ask us.

In addition to the fact that it’s fully possible to rent Liechtenstein, it turns out Snoop actually made his request way back in 2010. So it’s really, really old news. The scheme is marketed by a website called Rent a Village, whose website features a picture of a cow being milked, which is weird.

Snoop’s request was rebutted because he didn’t give them enough time to prepare, not because it was an outlandish request.

We couldn’t find Liechtenstein on the Rent a Village website, but we assume it’s the kind of deal you have to give them a call about. We would’ve given them a call, but they’re based in Germany and we can’t afford those international charges.

Despite Geckos Adventures offering the best small group adventure travel itineraries in the world, we unfortunately do not offer the option to rent an entire country. But you can have your own hotel room on our trips in exchange for a very reasonable single supplement. Close enough.

*As voted by us.

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