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31 ultimate travel hacks every traveller needs to know

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Travel hacks (and life hacks) are hot property right now. Everyone’s talking about how to cheat your way around this and save time doing that. So we tried to come up with a list of our own. After much careful thought and consideration, we’re proud to present our ’31 ultimate travel hacks’. Prepare yourself.

These things are about as devoid of wisdom as an under-18s nightclub, but we think they serve a purpose.  And who knows, they could come in handy for your next ultimate adventure. Maybe.

1. It’s my birthday and I’ll lie if I want to

Save money on drinks by pretending it’s your birthday, every day.

2. I get around

Avoid blisters, crawl.

3. #FashionHack

Buy a sarong. Use it as a dress, a towel, a pant, a sling, a rope, a cloak, a (thin) mattress, a leash and a cape.

4. Doner longevity

Make your kebab last longer by eating it with your elbows.

5. Friends for life

Increase your chances of meeting people by going to places they are at, like outside.

6. Don’t be ‘that guy’

A bumbag/fannypack is very practical when travelling. So is your dignity.

7. Don’t be ‘that guy’ 2.0

Cargo pants have lots of pockets. So do bags.

8. For your own good

You will never regret travelling. You will always regret eating too much Indian food before bed.

9. Waterproof

Save money on sunscreen by only going outside when it’s raining.

10. Free upgrade

Increase your legroom on flights by being short.

11. Be prepared

Get yourself ready for your next trip by taking a pre-trip trip to the same destination.

12. Elastic matters

You will always regret wearing socks that have lost their elastic.

13. Drag it out

Make your trip last longer by going to bed later and waking up earlier.

14. #HostelHack

Increase your chances of sleeping with multiple people at once by staying in a (minimum) four-bed hostel dorm.

15. Dodge the burn

Minimise your chances of food poisoning by not eating.

16. Culture vulture

Worried about culture shock? Just keep visiting the same country. You’ll get used to it.

17. Bus about

Frightened at the prospect of the overnight bus? Get the all-day bus instead.

18. This one doesn’t work

If you have abominable food poisoning, try eating more of the food you think made you ill the following day #hairofthedog

19. Carpe diem

Want to go away for six months but can’t face quitting your job? Go anyway and see if they notice.

20. Free upgrade 2.0

Upgrade yourself to a private room on your flight by taking your blanket and pillow to the toilet and locking the door.

21. Making friends

Unsure if the locals dislike you? Try speaking at them loudly, in English. That’ll do it.

22. Fancy pants

Prove to everyone you’ve been to Southeast Asia without saying a word by wearing those patterned parachute pants.

23. Lost for words

Exercise your expert handle on the English language by telling everyone how many countries you’ve ‘done’.

24. Pack light?

Fit more into your suitcase by owning a bigger suitcase.

25. Nothing to declare

Get through customs quickly by not having anything illegal about your person.

26. Loungin’

Gain access to those fancy airport lounges by sneaking in. Or by being a frequent flyer with that airline. Whatever works.

27. Travel bug

Enjoy the rush that comes with air travel for free by visiting the airport everyday and pretending.

28. Plane crazy

Love planes? Like sitting? Own a pair of binoculars? Become a plane spotter.

29. Pass port

Fill up your passport quickly by being rich and having loads of free time.

30. Food for thought

Don’t like the cuisine of your chosen destination? Just eat McDonalds. Actually, just stay home.

31. Real talk

When travelling to a new country, be sure to pack your open mind, your tolerant shoes, your good humour shirt and your understanding pants. Do this, and you’ll leave that country with much more than just a suitcase.

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